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Our Foot Soldiers

RDRS foot soldiers

RDRS seeks Foot Soldiers

In order to provide quality care to our animals and provide amazing community outreach with our pet therapy programs we must have continuous support.

As an RDRS Foot Solider, your tax deductible monthly donation will help us continue our work. Your contribution will help save lives, enrich lives of others in need, and help RDRS to perform amazing works.

Please consider becoming a Foot Soldier for RDRS. We need great people like you on the ground to help us.

Our Stories

Evie and Gavin

Evie and Gavin, working together thanks to RDRS and you.

When you give a homeless pet a chance, do you know what else you give them? In a word — and in the spirit of the holidays — "hope". And we don't mean just for them...

Please meet Evie and Gavin. Evie is a Mutt-i-gree® with a traumatic past. Gavin is an Air Force veteran coping with seizures, depression, PTSD & other setbacks. These two help each other now as a loving family. How? Because of support like yours.

You see, try as she might, no home seemed to want Evie. But we saw her potential. Now she's living & training with us at Rescue Dogs Rescue Soldiers. This is where Evie met Gavin.

As a case manager for children in the foster care system, Gavin is a shoulder to lean on for so many. And now, at a time when he needs support, Evie's there. But it just wouldn't have been possible without RescueDogsRescueSoldiers and friends like you looking out for Evie.

Our caring staff believed Evie deserved every opportunity in the world to find her place. And now, she's on her way to becoming a certified service pet. She and Gavin happily go to training sessions together, and soon she'll get to go home with him and his wife, Tomisha.

Will you please donate today? I know with your help we can give more homeless pets a chance to find their new life with a human who needs them just as much.

With gratitude,
All of us at RDRS

See why we do what we do to help rescue dogs, veterans, and troubled teens.

Miracles in life keep us going, even when times are hard.